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I just picked up a Shuttle SG41j14 ( and am wondering what would be the best value CPU to get for it. I'm looking at the Intel Core™2 Quad Q9550 which is $288 on right now, but is it worth the cost or is there a better value out there that's maybe not as powerful but a better bang for the buck.

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  1. Should also note that I would like to be able to play SW : OR fairly comfortably.
  2. No way would spend that much on a pretty much dead CPU. If you're going to spend 200+ on a CPU I would get an I3 or I5. What are you going to be using this computer for?
  3. I'd like to get an i5 but I need to get a socket 775 CPU for this thing. Its mostly going to be a home office machine, but if I can get some gaming out of it, I'd be happy.
  4. Why do you have to get a 775 CPU does it come with a motherboard with that socket?
  5. yes, it does.
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    That's why I stay away from those bare bone kits they tend to be not much better than OEM computers. They come with a cheap motherboard (in this case with a dead socket) and cheap PSU. I would get a Core 2 Quad core CPU 9550 Yorkfield.
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