Micro ATX standard size?

Hi, I currently have a Intel G41 P49G mobo on my rig but I'll soon replace it with the B75MA-P45, they both are ''MicroATX'' but the P49G is 22.5cm(L) x 17.0 cm(W) while the P45 is 24.4cm(L) x 22.5cm(W) so im unsure if it will fit in the case (sorry I can't seem to find the name/brand of it) Im pretty sure is a regular-sizer-ATX case.
I can see some extra holes relatively close vertically but horizontally they're extremely far away-

The 'holes' for the stands/screws are in the same location regardless of the total size of the motherboard?
and whats the point of creating 'form factor' products if they're not identical?..

Thanks for your time.
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