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Upgrading from gtx 285, $800 budget

Hi there guys! This site and community is awesome. I built my current rig a couple of years ago. I think it still has some life in it, but I am about ready to do a gaming hardware update. What are the specs you ask? (let me know if I leave anything out)


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: GAMING - I hope to smoothly play on high graphics:
Battlefield 3
Max Payne 3

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: BFG OC GTX 285 (1 gig), Power is a Corsair 750

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Summary of rest of compy
CPU: Intel 17 920 2.67 GHz
GPU: BFG OC GTX 285 (1 gig)
RAM: 12 gb of DDR3 Corsair
HD: 1.5 tb standard (it isn't solid state)
Mobo: ASUS - It has 3 gpu slots. I am fuzzy on which exact series it is, do you guys know where I can find this out without opening the case? (I believe it was of the P something series?)
Monitor: Currently I am running an LG 1920x1080 (it is about 23 inches)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, Amazon, Tigerdirect. (open to any trusted one though)

PARTS PREFERENCES: I am open to just about anything. A history of NVIDIA though

OVERCLOCKING: Probably not

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 LG 23 inch

Now this rig has performed admirably for the last 2.5 years. I have been happy with it. That being said, I have recently come into about 800ish in disposable rig income. I would prefer to spend something like 600ish, or maybe spread the 800 out over a few months.

I have been looking at both the 580 1.5 gig, and the 580 3 gig. I don't particularly like multiple card setups, but I don't hate them either. I was also wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to a solid state drive. Noticeable?

Any pointers, suggestions, or observations are welcome.

Thanks for your time and thoughts guys!

-Sameth :hello:
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    A quick note on SSD's, they'll help with load times and especially help with Windows' boot time. They won't really help with framerates that much, if at all.

    Based on your setup, a GTX 580 would do you just fine and it would leave you enough money to get a decent SSD, at least 120 gb. However, you COULD get a GTX 590 for that money, but it wouldn't leave you with anything for a SSD.

    VGA charts for reference:

    Edit: Added note - You may notice a difference in performance at that resolution when turning on advanced AA settings when it comes to 1.5 gb and 3gb of VRAM between the different 580's available. The additional VRAM will start to make a difference the more options are turned on at any resolution above 1080
  2. I practically have this exact setup (xfx nor bfg, lol i did almost go with the bfg tho) its been good times with this thing, some good lasting power. I wondered whether it would be better to sli another 280 or just go with a 570/90. Im skeptical about sli, as im not sure if games use it well (or if thats only a driver issue).
  3. Yeah, I don't really dig the things I hear about SLI setups. Plus worst case, I can just buy another 580 when it finally dips in price. Maybe SLI will be better sorted by then. I kind of wonder what to do with my GTX 285 after I upgrade though... I'd think about turning it into a physics card but really.... I think it would be more hassle than help.

    Thanks for the reply there Boris. I was curious about whether or not the 3 gb would serve me - glad to know it would. I am definitely leaning toward the 3 gb 580 and a SSD. Shorter loading and quicker boot sounds wonderful.

    Would this still apply if I keep my old hard drive hooked up and just make the SSD my main?
  4. Yep. Look at my config in my profile.

    I have a 100 gb Vertex Pro from OCZ with windows 7 (and a few core applications), thing loads like a champ. I have two other HDD's, 750gb and 1tb Barracuda's from Seagate for my applications and they work great.

    I have a GTX 285 as well, since my 9800gx2 burned out (evga sent me the 285 for free). I think your solution of getting the 3gb 580 with the SSD will work out great. Especially for SLi later on.

    By the way, SLi is actually fairly nice right now. I haven't really encountered anyone who has had a ton of issues with just two GPU's. The 580's also scale really damn well and you also have the processing power on top of it to boot.
  5. Awesome. Hey one more question - do you think that upgrading my processor is a good idea here? The I7 920 has treated me well, but is it going to slow me down? Or do you think it is good enough for a while longer?

    Thanks again
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