Best motherboard for the i5 3570k (Gaming)

hi everyone i have a budget of £110 and i need a motherboard for high end gaming.
It will need pci 3, USB 3.0, and have to be compatible with high end graphics cards.
Plus i will be bying 32gb of RAM Thanks. :)
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  1. welcome to this forum :)

    the most popular is asrock z77 extreme4

    most member in this forum choose it so u will have many support if there is problem
  2. thank you :) , Im looking for a graphics card which will be able to run the latest games for not too muchmoney (£100-130) are there any and does that motherboard allow dual monitors?
  3. mobo has nothing to do with dual monitor...

    graphic card does...
    for about 140ish, you can get AMD 7850 or 7870 :) try look for it on your local store website

    but you may want to consider 7970 as well if you really serious about gaming. it is twice the price lol
  4. thank you , i thought there had to be wo vga slots to use two monitors haha :)
  5. Two*
  6. 1 7850 is enough to power 2 monitor :)
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