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Hello, hope this is the correct section as I don't know what half of the words on the titles of the forums mean...

I recently purchased this:
so that I don't have to fiddle about at the back of my pc putting my USB 3.0 flash drive in.

My mobo is this:
It has two USB 3.0 ports on the back so I assumed it would have the necessary pin connector on the inside. As far as I can tell, it doesn't (correct me if I'm wrong).

What I want to know, is, do I need one of these?
and if i do, would it fit my mobo?

Are there any other cheaper alternatives to that which also avoid having two USB cables sticking out of a hole on the back of my case and going into the two USB 3.0 ports on the back of my mobo?

Also, sorry for lack of jargon but if i got this card, I'd have something in both of the yellow PCI slots (PCI-e slots?) and the two white-ish ones would be empty. Would a modern graphics card go in the white-ish ones or the small yellow one? (the bigger yellow one already has a wireless card in it).

Thanks in advance for any helps.

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  1. The yellow ones are PCIe the small one (X1) would take your USB card. The long one (X16) is for a graphics card if you get one and you would be limited to a single slot card with the USB card in since most powerful cards will overhang the next slot underneath.
  2. Would the USB card I linked effectively give me a 20 pin USB 3.0 connector on my motherboard then?
  3. Yes there is a 20 pin connector on the card, so you will have an internal connector that way.
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