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Hi all.

A few days ago i bought 2x new 4gb ram sticks but i've been having problems, my motherboard is an msi h55m-p31 board and the ram sticks are kingmax ddr3-1333 4gb sticks, when i only use 1 of them, I keep getting the blue screen of death error with an irq not less or equal error, i cant start into my windows and i also can't boot from my windows installation disc, all i get is the windows blue screen, when I insert both my motherboard doesn't go through the POST process it just hangs at the blue MSI screen.

I've tried the ram in different ram ports but no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Reset BIOS/cmos after new ram install and run memtest
    Really looks like you got bad ram.
  2. Hi.

    Thanks for the reply, I cleared my cmos and I ran memtest but when the test start my pc restarts so no go there.

    The ram was tested so i think they work fine. Can it be an incompatibility problem perhaps or maybe settings in my bios that's not correct like the timing etc?

  3. Resetting the bios with the ram should set the settings to the spd on the ram.
  4. looks like its the ram
  5. Not the ram. Having the same issue with tested sticks. I'm Going to try a clean install of Win7 ult. Also, the chip drivers(so i'm told) can also cause this, as can bent pins on the processor(in my case, not the issue). I'm currently running gskill 1333 2x2s in sequence(in dimms 3 &4) and its showing them as a 4 gb single module...weird,right. Tried them installed in dimm 1&3 and 2&4 as msi manual instructs and black screen, no post. as a single 2gb in slots 3 OR 4 and bsod. Trying to upgrade to 2x4 (8gb dual) and it should just click and run. Also learning about how malware can alter your kernel drivers. There is so much CRAP on this install. Learning my lesson on just installing things in program filesx86. don't do it! Good luck.
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