I bought the ASUS PZ68 V GEN3 board...did i screw up ?

Basically I got the z68 board a while ago, then circumstances prevented me from finishing my build (my first one to). I got the ASUS P8 z68 V/GEN3 mobo...did i screw by not getting the z77 board?

It'll be for gaming mostly, for gameslik BF3, the total war series,and Skyrim (with plenty of mods to boot.)

And just for more insight, ill be getting the MSI 7870 HAWK for my graphics card.
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    It is a good board so not really a screw up. There will be no performance difference.
  2. sweet, thank. I dont want to make my first PC not as good as I could have.

    Ive heard that it canbe kind of annoying depending on which processor I get. Anything to look out for?
  3. The issue can be that if you have Ivy Bridge CPU the installed BIOS version might not support it. Sandy Bridge no problem.
  4. ok so your about to laugh, but whats an Ivy Bridge CPU and whats a Sandy Bridge CPU?

    Like i said, imcompletley new at this, and im finally wanting to upgrade from consoles.

    Im looking at picking up a Intel I5-2500k. Ive heard its a really good choice for an I5 CPU.
  5. The I5 2500K is Sandy Bridge but the newer I5 3570K is Ivy bridge. You will have no issues with the 2500K.
  6. If the model number starts with a 2 (i3-2100, i5-2500k) it's a Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation). If the model number starts with a 3 (i5-3570k, i7-3770k) it's an Ivy Bridge (3rd Generation) except for the i7-39xx which are "Extreme" Models and are SB.

    The Z68 chipset supports Sandy Bridge CPU's right out of he box but needs a BIOS update to support Ivy Bridge.
  7. k sweet, one less thing for the noob to worry about lol

    Imalso looking around at RAM right now and if you guys wouldnt mind offeringyour opinion on it...

    Im trying to decide between G.Skill or Corsair,probably 8gigs of DDR3. Any specific ones you could reccomend especially consdering my choices in CPU and mobo? Ive heard something like anything higher than 1.5v RAM (what ever that means) could wreck my CPU.
  8. Either one you will be fine just as long as you stick with the 1.5 volts.
  9. Im learning so much today xD

    When im done looking through everything, woudd you midn telling me wht you think of my build
  10. No problem! Useful site when picking parts
  11. heh, xactly what im using right now lol. Im not going to lie...I love this thing, it akes it so much easier, telling me what the approx wttage will be so i can pick thright size power suppy (ok im not gonna lie, i was probably gonna do 650+ anyways.) Along with the compatability filter. now i dont nee to worry about buying parts that wont work with each other!

    Im not sue if im gonna invlude things like the monitor, keyboard etc in this atm.
  12. Anything and everything you wanted to know about Intel CPU's (i3, i5, i7)

  13. rolli59 said:
    No problem! Useful site when picking parts

    Ok so heres the part list for now. what are your thoughts? (themonitor is only in there for pricing, cause thats about what im looking to spend on one, and rigt now i already have a workable mouse and keyoard that i can replace later.
  14. Looks good, I am presuming you already have the PSU since the price is ridiculous. I would go with 1080P monitor and if you can fit in 120-128GB SSD for OS and programs.
  15. I do not no. Actually i dont know why i picked one that costs that much. I think i might just downsize a 650W to cut the cost down. hows this one?

    Ill look into the SSD though.
  16. So what exactly would i be stickin onto the SSD? Just the OS, and non gaming programs?

    Then dedicate the HDD to what? games, music,videos, etc?
  17. OS and frequently used programs, then use the hard drive as storage and lesser programs. There are good guides of how to set it up in the storage section stickies.
  18. Hmm well if the HDD would just be extra storage, maybe 1TB i a littl to much.
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