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Hello,i just built my own computer,it's an i5 2500k cpu with asus p8z68 v pro mobo,8g ddr3 ram,gtx 560ti,antec bronze 750w psu,windows 7,500g hd..,web browsing seems speedy,but overall the computer is very slow and non responsive,the only things ive done is update the mobo and gpu drivers,updated windows, installed kaspersky pure total security,and installed a wireless adapter,any idea's,thanks
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  1. I would say that 500 GB HDD is the first problem especially if it is a Green Drive or similar. A 10000 RPM HDD at the very least is required to get the best out of that system. A SSD of course is better. Also make sure kaspersky is not causing an issue. I prefer Security Essentials myself. It is light, fast and free.
  2. install refresh OS and see your problem gone....kaspersky is no an issue i''ve installed it in my old pentium4 pc and my system run faster and you have the beast 2500k so it can run kaspersky so speeedy. install OS again.
  3. im kind of at a loss for words..,sumthin just seems wrong,how could sumthin so costly have points where it takes 10 minutes for a simple basic command like opening the task manager,and i cant imagine even the hd being so horrible in itself to cause such,repeatedly as well,a simple right click on the screen taking 5-10 minutes just to pop up,then i couldnt even restart or shutdown,clicked ,but nothing happened,and i think it was being a bit non responsive prior to kasperky,but likely got worse after perhaps,thanks for your reply and suggestion,....thats some serious delays im suffering..,could it be just them things..or perhaps more i wonder
  4. i hadnt read your reply prior to my last post pro-gamer,..i was thinkin it might be somthing a bit deeper like that tho
  5. any idea what may have gone wrong to begin with,so maybe i can avoid it in the future,cuz im pretty baffled by this bull
  6. i said install windows again.
  7. yes sir
  8. n ty
  9. HDD and/or memory are likely culprits (if reinstalling doesn't help).
  10. will let kno how it works out,gotta hit hay for now tho,thanks all
  11. im new to all this so this may seem like a dim witted comment for me to post! but have you checked in the bois what speed your CPU is running at?... disable speed step on teh CPU and see if that helps :)
  12. I would highly recommend getting a small SSD (40 gb or so) and just installing your OS and some key apps on there, it speeds up your system significantly.
  13. I can assure you problems like this have nothing to do with HDD access time. Those delays are really quite small in almost all occasions. as in less than a second.
    This is a major configuration problem. I have seen this exact thing happen when somone took a HDD with a windows 7 install on it (and a bunch of other ***) and simply placed it inside new pc.
    My suggestion would be check your memory settings and make sure your computer is recognizing your RAM, your timing settings may be wrong, look them up for your RAM and ensure they match bios figures.
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  15. sounds like driver conflicts and possibly a DOA stick of ram even ,,,, have you checked your ram ,,, ? because loading up simple programs on that build on 5400rpm drive much less 7200 rpm drive wouldnt take that long .......
  16. my system says it has 8 gigs of ram installed,so it must be recognizing them eh,tho i havent checked the bios for any specifics,kind of a noob when it comes to bios,but i'll check it out,see if anything catches my eye,somthing however to add,i dont kno if this is significant or not,but i had my hd attached with sata to a marvel input on my mobo,someone told me those are better suited for sdd's..,so i switched my hd back to a 3.0 sata instead of a 6.0..,could that have been my problem..,cuz thats all ive done so far,n im not having delays..tho i havent tried to do anything yet either...sorry if im a bit scattered,i appreciate any and all assistance tho
  17. tho actually...,i started off with the hd in a 6.0 sata,but not the marvel,but then when i'd turn on my computer,b4 it loaded i would see it say somthing about tried to find the marvel drive n couldnt or whatever,so i then put it into the marvel drive,n things only seemed to go downhill from there,altho it no longer said it couldnt load from the marvel sata anymore,so this is the 3rd switch,and now it's in a 3.0....,dont kno if thats significant,but it's what took place,so im trying to be as precise and detailed as possible
  18. jus checked my bios,the only thing off with the memory is it says it's running at 1333 rather than 1600 which is what the ram is,1600,..
  19. i just rememberd,i meant to mention,in my device manager..,their is an unknown device with out of date drivers..,..i tried to update drivers thru online search and nothing came up..shrug..sorry im a pain,thanks again
  20. i just installed and patched starcraft 2 entirely without any problems..,if i didnt kno better,things seem to be functioning a lot better just with the switch of that wire,..could just that have caused such..,the unknown device is still bothersome..,if i could describe the icon it shows,it looks like a modem..
  21. Maybe there is nothing wrong with the hardware, it's just you may be not taking good care of the PC thus too many junk files, unneeded programs etc are running and slow down computer speed. In this case I think you can rely on speed up PC software to take the stress out. Regards.
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