First time builder: Which case should I get?

Hi yall,

I'm a first time builder and am having a hard time making a decision on what case I should for the system. I am looking for a case that will last a while and will cool the system efficiently. Also I am looking to get a Intel i5-2500k and GTX 560ti video card if that matters at all.

At the moment I am considering:

Silverstone RV-02
NZXT Phantom
Corsair 650D
Fractal Design Arc Midi
Cooler master HAF 932

I am totally open to checking out any other cases that you guys may think is better, but not looking to buy anything more than $200.

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  1. The corsair for sure just because I like the styling and it has all the necessary connectors up front (USB3).
  2. yup agreed the corsair all cases have some shortcomming that will threatin to lose an egg on ie the usb 3.0 passthru instead of a header . But its a good case with lots of features and most importantly it dosn't look like a carnival ride :)
  3. Hey I was checking out a couple more cases and saw the Rosewill Thor v2

    It looks like its a pretty good case all considering and is cheaper than the 650D but then again this is my first build so I may not be noticing something about the case that I should be.

    I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the Thor...basically I'm between that and the Corsair 650D.
    (I also found that the 500R sounded pretty nice and similar to the 650D but did not really like the look)
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    i was looking at the lanboy air for a while but it was very expensive(£130) so i opted for a corsair 500r which sould give me similar air cooling performance fo allot less
  5. The thor v2 looks good for the $ only issues I saw is a lack of usb 3.0 header and some issues with some of the molded plastic trim . Then again the 650d has the same situation with the usb ... All things the same I'd go with the 650d though
  6. "Then again the 650d has the same situation with the usb"
    No it doesn't. The 650D does have USB3.0 ports on the front panel.
  7. yes but according to the newegg info ( in the reviews ) theres no header , just a pass thru set up from the rear ... unless I read it wrong ( happens ) ......Cons: As stated in the video, the front panel USB 3.0 ports are attached to USB 3.0 plugs, not a header for the mother etc etc etc
  8. Ahh, that could be.
  9. The 650D does indeed require a pass through to connect front USB 3.0s although you could get an adapter (which often comes with your motherboard) and use that to connect to the header on the motherboard. If you don't have one, I think you can get one for under 10 dollar in stores.

    Something like this will work too.

    I recently got myself a 650D and I have to say it looks better than I expected. The only thing I don't like about it is that the side window sits too low, so you can see your PSU (which is not interesting at all) and the bottom half of your memory and CPU cooler.

    Other than that it's great and has nice features.

    EDIT: or as I mentioned above, get one of these adapters, which is a more practical a clean solution.
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