PCI to PCIe cable performance?

Would it be possible to get a PCI to PCIe (I see them available for sale online) cable and be able to connect a GPU to it? I know it's possible to DO, but is it feasible performance-wise for bitcoin mining?
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  1. Never heard of this device. Can you supply a link to where one can be purchased?

    If the device does exist, I do not belive it would be worth while.
    You can get a PCI nvida 9500GT. Sparkel makes one.
  2. PCI and PCI-E are completely different busses. Different signaling, different protocol, different everything. You can't get a "cable" to go from one to the other. Startech does, however, make a low profile card that goes into the slot first, and another card plugs into it. It's a weird bastard adapter, but it works.

    PCI-E slot to PCI card -


    and PCI slot to PCI-E card


    Weird, yes, but it is possible. It takes active logic and switching though. Not just a cable.
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