Just making sure I can use this CPU before I buy it.

My mobo is =

and I want to buy =

The details on my mobo say it should be able to, its 95w and a phenom 2 am3. I remember when I bought this mobo though, the guy said something about am3, and I forget. So I was just double checking if it would work. Thanks.
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  1. It is on the cpu support list..looks like you have to make sure you have the latest bios revision
  2. What happens if I don't have it?
  3. Update the BIOS before you install the new CPU.
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    The AMD Phenom II X4 960T is on the support list so you shouldn`t worry.

    Before you install the new CPU you should download the latest BIOS from this page .

    Its advisable to download the latest driver too : .

    If you plan to do overclocking you should download the utilities too : .
  5. If you install a CPU that is not supported by your current BIOS, chances are that the system will not pass POST. Update the BIOS then install the new CPU. I try to keep an older CPU for each socket type in my bin in case I get a motherboard with an old BIOS and need to install a new CPU on it. Having an old spare makes it easier to get the BIOS update done.
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  7. Thanks a lot guys. Was just making sure.
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