Cable lan slow, wireless fast, plese help

I have a small home network: a desktop pc and a laptop. both are connected to the same router but the desktop through cable and the laptop to wireless.
My router is D-link DI-524.

My issue:
Once every two weeks or so my desktop loses connection to the internet and router or has a very slow connection with 25-75% loss.
My laptop on the other hand (that's connected through wireless) works great.

Had made a speed test for both at the same time, here is the result:
Desktop PC: 750.192 Kbps
Laptop: ~7200 Kbps

So I thought it's a network card issue and bought a new one, installed it and it's even worse: ~200 Kbps :(

I also have to note that my network cards won't work unless their speed is 10 full or half duplex.. on 100 and auto it says limited or no connectivity.

So I don't know if it's an windows, network card or router issue... it's just very annoying :(

My PC:
Windows XP Professional
AMD Athlox x2 3GHz
2GB of RAM

Please help, any advice would do... I'm dependent on my connection, I work from home.

Thanks in advance.
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  2. First impressions are a bad ethernet port on your router. If it's only operating on half duplex and won't auto-negotiate duplexing then that could indicate that one of the pairs is not properly communicating. Have you tried a new cable? What about a different port? A different computer?
  3. Hi PsychoTeddy, thanks for your reply.

    I have tried a different port and got the same results... so I guess that narrows it down to a bad cable...

    But the strangest thing is that this problem appears rarely and goes away by itself, and each time it happens it lasts about 6 hours.
  4. Btw... I wired the cable myself, it could be my fault, but then why does this happen so rarely?
  5. alexander_angelin said:
    Btw... I wired the cable myself, it could be my fault, but then why does this happen so rarely?

    It could *seem* to be intermittent but the problem could just be intensified by heavy network use or the like. It could be dropping packets all the time but only being enough to notice when network traffic is heavy.

    If you did the cables themselves I would definitely check and recheck that you've got the correct pinout. Looking at the bottom of the RJ-45 connector with the gold contacts exposed, you should see this order from left to right:

    Striped Orange
    Striped Green
    Striped Blue
    Striped Brown

    Make sure it's like that on BOTH ends. :)

    I'm fairly certain that this is the problem since you're having trouble auto-negotiating and the like.
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