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I have Earthlink Internet Service now I'm using a 2wire 2701 modem/router, now to extend the network I also have a Netgear N600 Dual band router but I'm still always getting disconnected what did I do wrong? :o
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  1. how did you connect the Netgear router to the 2wire?
  2. With a Ethenet cord
  3. With a Ethenet cord
  4. The 2wire is a modem and a router in one so it has plenty of ports so I connected the cord from there to the Netgear router in my room, it's plugged into the Internet port. I didn't turn off the DHCP in the Netgear router cause when I did I couldn't get Internet at all. The routers do have completely different IP addresses nothing even close the Netgears is and the modem's is
  5. The is a public IP. Please edited out you IP!

    do you have a range of public static IPs assigned to you by your ISP?

    I would expect the 2Wire to give IPs like or
  6. Oops my mistake!! Anyways, the IP address range is like you said both of them. I have the 2wire 2701HG-B modem/router connected for the primary computer correctly, but in our room which is through 2 doors and about 30 maybe more feet away from the router I figured I needed something else to be able to get the Internet with a better signal I bought a NetGear N600 Dual Band Router. That router is in our room, and seeing as how I pay for the service and I use it the most I need to be able to have a stronger signal.

    p.s. We switched from Netzero to Earthlink and the 2wire was a friends and she got it from AT&T
  7. But I still didn't give you the IP addresses did I ? Well here they are (edited out a few of the numbers) 192.1x8.1.254
    Subnet Mask:
    DHCP Range: 192.1x8.x.64 - 192.1x8.x.253
    Allocated: 19
    Available: 171
    I also have the Netgear router set in DMZ mode so as not to have any problems with the two computers, PS3 and two droid phones connecting with anything. So if you could tell me what I need to change I would very much apprecciate it.
  8. Shoot sorry the computers in this room ISP's are 10.0.0.x
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