Boot my upgraded computer and it boots in 3 seconds and than turn off

Hey. This christmas I asked people around in my family if I could just get money from them instead this x-mas, so I could order new parts, to my old gaming-pc.

So I ordered:
Motherboard - MSI Big Bang Z77 MPower, instead of the old Intel motherboard.
CPU - Intel's i7 3770K 1155 Socket, instead of the old Intel 1366 socket.
Memory - Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz 16GB 2x8, instead of the G.Skill 6Gb DDR3 Kit.
Graphics Card - MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning 2GB PhysX CUDA, replaces PointOfView Nvidias Geforce GTX 260.
PSU - I am using my old power supply because its a very good PSU, with longlife. Chill Innovation 1000M-1000W
CPU Cooler - The Corsair H60, instead of ... yeah, the stock fan.

So I started to build this yesterday, just on a test bench, ontop of the motherboard package. In that test to see if I get any picture on the monitor. Which I did not, because from the first time until now, and further on, it just boots about 1-3 seconds, and then turns of. It does not goes in a loop, an goes on and off, and on and off. It just turns right off.

This is the first time i have actually installed and done something with any computer since i got interests about computers. The only thing I have done beforce this, is smaller things like replacing and changing memory, and installing mods, like cathodes. But I know enough to know how to install and connect most of a computer, except smaller cables, like all those small ones from the front panel and such.

I posted my problem on facebook, and i got alot of different help, and someone said that the PSU was dead. So I tested it on my old system, that still works very good. So I found out that the PSU still works. So thats... eliminated.

Does anybody know what the problem is? And please give me a specific answer. Dont say like "Wrong cabling", because I dont know what might be wrong then.

Ill be greatful anyways for any answer :)
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  1. You need to connect a speaker to get the beep codes. It will tell you if it's the memory or graphics card or cpu. Cooler is installed properly?
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