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Hey all,

Got an odd issue here. Running an AMD 5800 and many months ago after updating the drivers and software suite, both in windows and in games, I had massive tearing issues. I attempted several uninstall/reinstalls to no avail. I then formatted windows, started over only with the drivers and everything was great.

Well here I am again and things were running great all up until I decided to reinstall the catalyst software suite. Immediately after my next restart, the tearing came back and worse than before. I've already done a full uninstall and just reinstalled the drivers, but it's worse than ever and I can't take it. I'd really prefer not to have to reformat so I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions.

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  1. Uninstall your current drivers normally, download and install driver sweeper, then under safe mode use driver sweeper to remove all driver leftovers from your HDD.

    Then download and install the latest catalyst suite (11.9?).

    What monitor are you using BTW? make sure you have the proper screen refresh settings for your monitor, also try installing your monitor's drivers if it came with any(some monitors come with an install CD).

    Make sure the card is firmly held by the PCIE slot and all connectors are in place.

    Does it happen also if you use a different connector of your card? (ie HDMI instead of DVI)
  2. Thanks for the prompt response. Looks like driver sweeper is no longer supported - http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/ Attention - Guru3D Driver Sweeper has been discontinued as such you will not find any download links here any longer.

    Currently I'm using an LGW2361W monitor. Nothing special ... was debating getting a new monitor for quite awhile; however pretty sure it's not the monitor causing the issue.

    I will give HDMI a shot as well; however doesn't it seem odd that the catalyst suite has caused the issue both times? If I run purely on the display driver it runs great ... but as soon as I install the suite, it all goes to crap. Doesn't add up.

  3. Note on that page: "Attention - Guru3D Driver Sweeper has been discontinued as such you will not find any download links here any longer." There's no download link.
  4. Thanks. So i went through your recommendation and unfortunately it's still happening. I neglected to mention earlier that it primarily happens after bringing my computer out of sleep. So If I let it sit for awhile and come back, as soon as it resumes, the screen tears appear. Also, about half the time, it either completely locks up, or BSOD's on me. Again what's just really odd though is that both times this series of events occurred is after installing the catalyst suite. After going through what you had me do, I only installed the display drivers again.

    Sadly, I think I'm going to have to reformat at this point unless anyone has additional recommendations.

  5. Are you using any OC software or hardware monitoring program like Afterburner or Rivatuner? If so uninstall them and try again. Make sure you install the latest 11.8 catalyst.

    Did you try a different port? Is your card still under warranty?

    And what OS are you using? and when you're usinng window's driver and you come out from sleep nothing happens?

    Also this time after driver sweeper try downloading the display driver only(without CCC) it's under individual downloads, and see if it helps.
  6. The only OC software I had was what came with the suite and as stated I removed it and only installed the display drivers.

    Have not tried a different port, but can do so; however based on history with this only occurring after installing the suite and it's an issue primarily after the computer sleeps, and has been resolved via formatting ... leads me to believe this is a software issue.

    Win 7 x64 ultimate. Once sleep resumes, the display is there; however that's when the tears and crazyness occurs. Sometimes it just flickers, other times it BSOD's, or just straight locks up. I went 4 months without issue this time around, but the day I installed the Catalyst suite is when all this came back. Something's not right here.
  7. So you lived 4 months without the AMD driver installed?

    Faulty memory on the card could definetly caused that type of issues, and that is a hardware problem, when using window's own driver you have no 3d acceleration for your card thus it's potential is not being used, I suggest you either RMA or return the card.

    You say as soon as you install the catalyst driver it's inevitable that it will happen?
  8. No, just the software suite. The driver itself works fine all up until I install the software suite. I know it sounds silly, but twice now the exact same symptoms have occurred.
  9. so it's working fine using the driver only version without CCC?
  10. I had the same issue too with screen tearing after installing newer ATI drivers, but I found what this guys suggested worked a treat!

    Basically, go into the Catalyst Control Center, click on Preferences and click "reset to factory defaults."
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