Need upgrade for GTA IV!!!

My PC GAMES are lagging. For example GTA IV lags terribly. ITS FRUSTRATING!!!!
RAM:3:00 GB
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  1. Get 1155 mobo with i5-2500k, 8GB RAM and a 6970.
  2. Are you running Windows Vista or 7 on that machine? With either of those, 3GB of ram might be stretched a little thin depending on what settings you're using for your games. May not be your whole problem, but it could be contributing. Also, how much video RAM does your HD 5670 have?
  3. Yes Im running Windows 7, my HD 5670 has 1gb of video ram
  4. @Pyree whats the problem with my current motherboard.
  5. Mate, your problem is an inadequate CPU. Your GPU isn't up to much either but the good news here is you can counteract this by dropping the resolution and/or eye candy. For an underpowered CPU there's no fix.

    I remember trying to play Crysis with an Athlon 64 3700 and an ATI x850 in 2007. The frame rate was perhaps 1 frame every 5 seconds. This isn't far off what you're trying to do today with BF3.

    Only one option I'm afraid - upgrade.
  6. You can see my specs below. I experience some lag in GTA 4. The Q9450 is not a Core i5-2500k, but it is still competitive against a Phenom II X4 955 / 965 CPU.

    GTA 4 is a very bad port of a console game.
  7. ^Exact answer to "@Pyree whats the problem with my current motherboard. "
  8. So thats the only problem it could be the motherboard? Because i just bought ram for this motherboard.
  9. @Jaguar im kind of a noob so you got to explain whats an under powered cpu,
  10. Also even when I drop resolution the lag issue still remains
  11. No, it means your mobo cannot be use with current generation fast CPU that is required to run this buggy ported GTA IV game with no lag and yes your CPU is very slow by today's standard.

    Discussion of playing GTA IV game on PC on this forum always comes to this conclusion - play it on the console.
  12. Thats ok we were all noobs once. An underpowered CPU is a CPU that's not powerful enough to do what you're asking it to. Your Athlon 64 5000 x2 is precisely that. An underpowered CPU. Simply not good enough for the job.

    What you need is:

    - a core i5 2400
    - 4 gb ram
    - an nvidia 550 ti or better. Or an amd 6870 or better.
  13. Ok Im going to get the core i5 2400, but the thing is i cant upgrade to 4gb ram, i have the 4th gb of ram but when i put it into the last socket, windows dosent read it.. And my current video card cant pass? amd 6870 kinda pricy
  14. i5: good choice. But you'll need a new motherboard to get an i5.

    I've been on intel platforms since 2007 so don't know much about AMD mobo/CPUs these days. Others will be able to advise if you can get a substantially faster CPU (eg a Phenom X4) that will slot straight into your mobo.

    Secondly, your graphics card will work. You won't be able to play on max res/settings but better-than-console graphics should be accessible to you.

    Finally, the reason you can't use 4GB RAM is almost certainly that you have the 32bit version of Windows. To use 4GB and beyond you need the 64bit version.
  15. Ok so how much money you think ill need for the mobo and i5...and i do have 64 bit it still dosent show.
  16. Not an AMD cpu person. But I think AM3 cpu can be used on some AM2 mobo with bios update. Can someone from the AMD cpu side confirm that? I will move this to system.
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  19. theres a youtube vid of a intel Celeron G530 using its on chip HD1000 graphics playing GTA IV at lowest settings with no lag ,,, so it seems

    so if that is capable of playing GTA IV Id say a core I3 sandy bridge and your video card should be capable ,,,, no you wont have awsome graphics quality ,,but it wont lag at least.
  20. GTA4 is higly CPU bound. Ehmphasis on that. It's a crappy job of porting from the Cell to the x86. You will need a lot of RAM too, since the crappy port also screwed up memory management. Expect 5gb+ to be loaded exclusively with game content.

    The vga on the other side bears almost no impact on performance. About any U$100 GPU will be more than enough for GTA.
  21. Intel Core 2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHZ I FOUND THAT IN MY OLD PC. IS THAT GOOD TO USE
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