No display after RAM upgrade

I recently bought 8GB (2x4gb) of ram from G.Skill (F3-2400C10D-8GTX) for my MB. The MB is a Crosshair V Formula-Z and I'm running an 8120 8 core amd processor. The current ram is also 2x4gb, but at a lower clock speed. Nothing suggests the new ram isn't compatible but when installed a I get a blank screen and a '50' q-code (incompatible ram), and the same code when running no ram. I've tried 1 at a time, pairing it with the other ram, changing the ram voltage to 1.65 and none worked. The ram is brand new, and with the original ram in the computer runs fine

Edit: the computer will spin up fans and sound as if on, but no peripherals light up and the screen is blank. No bios beeps
Edit 2: Tried resetting bios via removing battery, no success
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  1. 2400 is an unusual speed; I stick with cl9 ram at 1600; it all works.
  2. bump?
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