Computer forcing nonstop shutdowns - even in Safe Mode

So my computer running Windows 7 64 just yesterday crashed twice with BSOD. First was a stop: 0x0000001e and the second was a stop: 0x000000a. Since then my computer will randomly force-close all my programs and revert to the login screen saying "Shutting down..." and the computer will restart. I am no longer getting BSODs, just this. It occurs. Regardless of what I'm doing and no more than 10minutes logging into windows. In fact, even if I let windows sit at the login screen without signing in, it will still shut down and restart.

It also does this in Safe Mode.

Before yesterday, I had no problems with my computer. Now it forces a shut down. It's not overheating - I can check my temps before windows shuts down and my i7 idles around 45.

I looked around the event log and found an eventID: 109 "Power Kernel has initialized a shutdown". But no idea if that's indeed what is causing the problem or how to interpret that.

Please keep in mind that my computer was working perfectly less than 12 hours ago. No new download, no new drivers or hardware, no new software.

Please help!!!
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  1. No one?
  2. sounds like Spyware/Malware, some of them can actually "order" a shutdown.

    In my case I tried for weeks to find a solution, my best solution so far?
    NOD32, if found/cleaned 8 Trojans and total of 30 threats.

    One time I even got an Non OS error, checked my BIOS and my "C" had been changed
    to some other drive and I know for a fact that I didn't do this.

    Just change it back to the proper drive on the BIOS, then checked again with NOD32
    and never again..... "Knock on wood"
  3. So I'm writing this now ON the computer with the problem. It has been on and stable for about 70mins so far after removing a "Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.tdl4" infection. Malwarebytes didn't find any infections at all - I found and downloaded TDSSKiller on a WHIM desperately and it found this infection.

    It looks like Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.tdl4 was the culprit behind my computer forcefully shutting itself down within 5mins of restarting. That's really scary to me that a virus, at this day and age, has the capacity to do that, ESPECIALLY in Safe Mode (my computer would force shutdowns in safe mode too).

    Coincidentally, when I used TDSSKiller to scan and remove it, my Google redirect bug is also gone.

    If anyone comes across this and was freaking out as much as I was, trying to figure out if I lost a stick of RAM, or my PSU, download TDSSKiller and see if you have an infection. I've had my share of malware in the past, but NEVER one that did anything this remotely malicious before. Holy ***.
  4. OK, create AVG RESCUE CD and scan it off line from the RAM.
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