Will a P67 motherboard come shipped with Ivy bridge support?

Alright so I'm planning on spending a bit of holiday money on some newer parts. I want to make the hop over to Intel from an AMD Athlon II X4 635. I was planning on getting a 2500k, however it would be nice to just get the newer Ivy bridge. However, I want to get a P67 motherboard because it lacks the onboard video option, which I really do not need. I think I might go with the Asrock Extreme4 Gen3 P67 motherboard (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157265), but I know that it sometimes doesn't ship with the updated BIOS to support Ivy. Some people say that it arrived already BIOS updated and Ivy bridge ready, but I'm not so sure. Maybe they are shipping all of them like that if you buy it from Newegg, or maybe just some? Any background information about this?
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  1. Hi, It depends on the date when it was manufactured (after or before the BIOS version release date - May 2012 with P67 Extreme4 Gen3).
    But on this board the BIOS chip is on socket and if needed you can order one (about 20$) and easily replace the board's one.
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