2 GTX470 and a 700 watt power supply?

Quick questions.. can a 700 watt cooler master silent pro gold standard handle:
2 evga GTX470
gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R MoBo
I7 950 cpu
8gb ram
2 1TB SATA drives
1 Blueray burner
1 Dvd burner
Last but not least fans lol!

Im trying to get ready for the some new games that are coming out mainly BF3 and Skyrim. Friends said it could work but I'm skeptical that it will work without any issues. Also could i get a different GTX470 or does it have to be same brand and model to? The evga runs extremely hot. Any other advice is also appreciated!
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  1. I think your cutting it close. This is a pretty high estimation of the max draw you should see from each part. Real life useage will be lower, because you will never have every part at full draw at the same time.

    Give the i7 150 watts if you plan to overclock
    the board is around 50 watts
    figure 10 watts for the ram
    10w for each sata device 50 watts
    and 215watts for each gtx470
  2. HaHa! yeah that is close well I just installed my new sata drive and i found out that my PSU only has 2 pci express 6 pin connectors. So they are all taken up for my one gtx470 and that my 2nd pci express 16x port is close to my other gtx470 so they would be on top of each other. Don't think that would be good for GPUs with all the heat.

    Is there a way to add 2 more pci express 6 pin connectors? Maybe by having some type of splitter?
  3. Molex to 6 pin connectors work fine. They run off the 12v so it's the same power coming from the 6 pins native to your power supply.
  4. Thanks ras49. I have heard that the 2xmolex to 6pin can cause problems for some PSU under heavy load.
  5. If it was any other coolermaster psu i would say no. But this is one of the better lines of coolermaster PSU that can actually do what it's rated to do. Although this is cutting it very close, it should run just fine for 2x 470s. Just don't overclock or run prime 95...
  6. OK well I just found out its a bronze standard not gold. Do y'all still think it can handle it?
  7. I think it will be ok, but if it were me I would go a little bigger like a 750 or 800. Actually the ram is only going to use like 1.5 for each stick so thats 6. The ssd will only draw like 4. The i7s max draw is 130 if you dont overclock. My gtx 470 hangs around 190 at 100% load folding@home. It never got close to 215.
  8. Oh my 2 gtx 470s are a PNY refrence board and a MSI refrence. They both run hot like in the 90s when folding@home. I use a custom fan profile to keep them in the 70s.
  9. I don't overclock to begin with but thanks for the tip. Okay well that sounds good now I just need to find another GTX470. Seems they discontinued that model. What do yall use to control fan profiles?
  10. I like MSI Afterburner.
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