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2GB GeForce GTX 560 too hot?

I just build a new computer and put the 2GB Palit GeForce GTX 560 GPU in it. My problem is I think it's overheating. When I just use the computer for web browsing or other things like that the GPU temp is around55 to 65 degrees C. When playing Crysis 2 or Dead Island my GPU temp goes up to 95 to 99 degrees C. When it starts to get hot the GPU's fan spins up to 100 percent and gets pretty loud, but it stays at about 99 C. I have 2 big intake fans and three exhaust fans on my case, and one of the exhaust fans is mounted right next to the GPU pulling air away from it.
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  1. First thing I would do is take off the side panel and play some games while monitoring temp to determine if the problem is with the case air flow or the card itself. If temps return to normal with the side panel off then you know the problem is with the case airflow. If the temps on the card remain high even with the side panel off you will have to decide if you want to return it for refund or replacement or if you want to go deeper into the problem (such as changing out the thermal paste etc.).
  2. Thank you. Taking the side of drops the temp about 2 or 3 degrees C. The software that came with the graphics card-Vtune, has a temp gauge for the GPU that has the temp in C and a little area that changes from green to yellow to red as the temp increases. At 99 degrees C it only shows yellow, so is it possible that it is just the usual running temp for my series of GPU?
  3. I had one of those cards for less than a week. It got so hot ( on the back end ) that gaming became impossible - causing erratic behavior. RMA'd and got a 6950 2gig card. Ain't looking back. I'd call newegg and talk to someone before RMA-ing because they'll replace it with the same thing. I was unhappy that the card was bad because I wanted to sli a couple of those. On a good point, the lower clocked and stock clocked cards are alright as far as I could tell. Still get hot but play okay. If they had spent the 15cents for a heat sink for the back end of that card it may have been relatively decent.
  4. Seems to be a hot running card! Try playing with v-sync turned on and see what that does for your temps. Also try MSI Afterburner to double check the temp readings.

    If temps are being reported correctly and temps are still that high even with the fan running 100% I would return the card and choose a different brand since the cooler on that card is obviously not up to the job of keeping the card a reasonable temp in normal operation. (Taking what swifty_morgan said into account the cooler on that card is simply not up to the job of keeping the card at a reasonable temp).
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. Swifty, I would RMA it but I bought it from Newegg 3 months ago and they only let you return items within 30 days. I just never played any demanding games until recently so I didn't notice the problem. Easymoney-I have v-sync turned on, no change in T. MSI afterburner gives me the same temp readings, and the max fan setting on afterburner is the same as the default max setting for my GPU, which it automatically reaches when I play games.
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    Since the card is only three months old you can rma it (to Palit) for overheating.

    If the card is providing satisfactory frame rates in your games and the only problem you have with it is the temps you could try reapplying the thermal paste. Make sure the fan and the heatsink is clean while you have it apart. If that doesn't help see if any company(like Arctic Cooling) makes a aftermarket cooler that fits your card.
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