Help Setting the Correct Voltages for Stock in BIOS !

I heard that many times auto settings in BIOS overvolts your hardware causing unnecessary heat and thus more fan use, could someone explain if this is wrong or right and if so how should I change it ?

CPU - AMD Fx-8350
Mobo - MSI 970A-G46
GPU - Radeon HD 7850
PSU - 650w Antec
HDD - Hitachi 300gb

Any other info needed ?

The info in the BIOS are

CPU VDD Voltage
CPU-NB VDD Voltage
CPU Voltage
CPU-NB Voltage
NB Voltage
HT Link Voltage
SB Voltage
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  1. Sometimes the voltage readings are a little off; nothing to worry about. But if you set the voltages in manual mode, some boards won't let you use amd's cool and quiet software, which lowers the cpu speed and voltage, so I don't recommend it. Cool and quiet saves energy and lets the cpu run cooler at idle.
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