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(not a new build, sry, just a homebuild)
I am looking to put together a system to run a powercolor hd5770 on a budget of about $300.
I was going to get something along the lines of a dell 745 that has a 500gb hd sata, ddr2 667mhz, 3.4gb 800mhz pentium D cpu but this is pci-e 1.0. Is there a mobo I could get for this tower or another tower all together? I would like to run a higher speed RAM than even 800mhz ddr2 that would better match the graphics card as well as maybe go to a core 2 duo of some sort.

OS would be 32bit for some older games I play, or if I could do a partition with one side a 64bit for newer games that would be ideal.

Any help would be great. Thanks!
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  1. There should be no reason to dual boot both a 32 and 64 bit Windows O.S. for gaming. Just go with the 64 bit version.
    PCIe 2.x is backwards/forwards compatible with PCIe 1.x, so no worry there.
    It would hardly be worth the cost and work to replace the board just to move to slightly faster DDR2 memory, and go from a Pentium D to a slightly faster C2D. Best to run the HD 5770 with what you got, until you can afford to move into a more modern board/CPU.
    But if you really want to...
  2. thanks for the response! Do you have any recommendations? I noticed that the biostar mobos had a note that 800mhz cpu only works with 800mhz RAM, is that true for every board or is it something with that processor, orr apl processors? Not a big deal, but if I am going to buy RAM, I don't want to upgrade the cpu later & end up buying RAM again.

    I thought I read elsewhere on this forum that a 2.0 card will work with a 1.0 board with a bios change but 2.1 cards might not work...

    I haven't purchased anything but the card so far & I currently have a tower without pci-e I am replacing. I don't want to purchase something I can't use with this card, but a board change isn't so bad if needed.

    If I could find a different base system that would already have pci-e 2.0 that would be ideal. I did a lot of searching around & I don't see many used systems specificaly advertising that they have pci-e2.0 so I am having a hard time finding what models have it already. If I new what systems to look for I could dig something up...
  3. I've heard there were issues with certain 2.1 cards in 1.x slots and 2.1 cards in 1.x slots, but I've been lucky. They've always worked for me. Of course, that's no gauantee for you.
    The best way to determine what processor and memory will be gauranteed to work with a particular board, always go to the board manufacturer's website and look at their CPU Support and Memory Support listings. For example... for this board at Newegg: click on the 'Details' tab and then on the 'Manufacturer's Product Page' link on the right column.
  4. Thank you so much for your input! It is much apreciated! You are a gentleman &a scholar.

    In posting this, I had hopes that this forum would be able to give some insight as to what factory pc's would have pci-2.0 boards. To that aspect, I am rather disappointed...

    I have done some more searching... I have found that the dell i3-580 has a pci-2.0 board. It also has ddr3 that I was looking for, not to mention that this tower came with a q6600 quad core... I really find it hard to believe with all the expertise on this forum that not a single person could give me that answer... But It can be searched now... So thanks a bunch to all those who more than likely knew what would have worked for me but yet read & moved on for what ever the reason...i know may be new to this forum but I readily thought I expressed what I was asking in an initelectual way that expressed what I was looking for yet I was ignored... Thanks.
  5. In order to determine the PCIe version of the motherboard in a factory built computer, one would have to first know the brand and model of the board the assembler used. Then one would have to find that board's manufacturer's web page and peruse the specs in hopes that they presented that specification. Sometimes it is available, sometimes not. If you were to specify the motherboard make and model, maybe we could research it further for you.
  6. Again, thank you so much for your replies. It is greatly appreciated & valued.

    I understand that. Acccording to dell, & my searching, however, i3 580's had 2.0 pci-e. Now, If you can find information to the contrary, I would be very open to, & greatly interested in, what you find, but as it stands, I think I just may have found something to work within my budget. :bounce:

    How do you like your 6850's?
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