Looking for a Sound card and a nice headset

Need help finding a Excellent pair of headsets and a excellent quality sound card for Gaming and Music, Budget is about 250$.

Also what is the difference between 7.1, 5.1, 2.1 and just those usb connected headsets

Would like the head set to be nice and Comfortable

[Preferred shopping site is Newegg]
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    If you want wireless I would recommend these

    I spent a while looking for a sound card, tried a creative (returned shortly after). I ended up sticking with onboard sound and going with those headphones. And I love them, sound great w/out a sound card.
  2. Well, a decent soundcard to start would be the ASUS Xonar DX, which is one of the better all-around soundcards on the market. As for headphones, both Sennheiser and Grado make some very good low priced headphones.
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  4. if i were u I'd save a couple bucks and just get the xonar dg. If your asking the question you're probably not sampling above 96Khz. 7.1 surround is isn't a huge deal which u would gain with the dx, (5.1 with the dg) save a couple bucks on the card and get nicer cans imo.
  5. Ok I have limited knowledge on good sound cards and headsets but for your information I wouldn't suggest buying a sound card if you are getting a USB headset. A sound card is used when a headset with jackpins is plugged into the deicated audio ports on the sound card. The information will then be converted by the sound card whereas USB would you the onboard audio converter. Hope this helps.

    This may help:
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