8 core CPU, only 1 core active?

Hi all, I'm in a right bit of a pickle.
I have an AMD FX8120 (8 cores) and when i boot up the pc, it says '***8 cores activated***', so, I log on, and, on the CPU monitor I have running, it says it is running at 90% ish. Surely it shouldn't be like that? I have a feeling that it is only using 1 core, as, when I type in 'msconfig' go to boot and advanced options, under the processor bit, it should give a list 1 to 8, but it only says 1, and the cpu IDLES at about 50 degrees. It's ridiculous!
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  1. Probably need a BIOS update, or double check the BIOS settings.
  2. you can set all 8 cores to on in boot config but its unlikley to change anything... you are more likely running on power saving if so set it to performance rather than balanced in windows and turn it off in bios. but even then the cpu will only use what it needs to... the problem is its the amd bulldozer which will only activate the cores on a by need basis. so unless your doing something that needs more than 1 core the remaining 1s will be effectively turned off.
    intel took a slightly different approach, system resources often get spread across all available cores until it needs to load up on a core this means all cores are active in some state all the time. which is supposedly less efficient than amds model but in reality its not. as a lot less energy is wasted as heat... 4 cores working light ly is more efficient than 1 core working hard.

    have you aplied the latest hotfixes? they may help with your issues also.
  3. check in msconfig and set boot > advanced options > cores to auto.

    First what does task manager show you in the performance tab, then do the above and check again.
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