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Is a resolution graphic card specific?

Hello, I own a 32" LCD HDTV (model:LD450) and plan to use this as a monitor on a PC I'm building. Today I plugged it into my laptop via HDMI cable and the native resolution is 1360x768. This is a 1080p 60hz monitor and when I set the resolution to 1900x1080, it is not clear at all. I was wondering is this because it is coming from my graphics card in my laptop (which is about a year old)? Or is it from the cord that im using? Because I have read online that HDMI cables support up to a resolution of 1900x1080, at least the older ones (and thats what I think I have). Also, there is only 2 HDMI cables on the tv, and no DVI. In my new build I plan to crossfire 6950's. Is there some way that I can make the resolution of the TV 2560 x 1600? Or even 1900x1080 and be really clear? I used this tv for my PS3 and it was fine. If there is some way to do this, ill just upgrade to a 590 and future proof myself.
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  1. Try using the RGB cable from the laptop to the TV.If you still can't get the 1080p resolution then either the laptop graphics doesn't support 1080p or the TV isn't a true 1080p TV.You can also try downloading the latest drivers for the graphics.Btw 1360x768 is a 720p resolution.

    You can't force a higher resolution if it's not supported.So no, you can't make the resolution 2560 x 1600 unless it's supported by the TV/Monitor.
  2. You can output any resolution on any graphics card, (No im not counting cable limits), are you using mirrored from the laptop? If so switch to external only and set the resolution at 1900x1080 and it will look clear.
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    Try going into the LG's Picture menu. There should be an option for Aspect Ratio. Select "Just Scan" and exit out. That fixed my issue with my LG 47LH90 what is connected to a GeForce 9600GT DVI port via a DVI/HMDI adapter.

    You cannot make your HDTV 2560x1600. The number of pixels are fixed an cannot change. All large HDTVs have resolutions of 1920x1080. Smaller HDTVs are around 1366x768. You can use a resolution smaller than the HDTV's native resolution, but not higher.

    Actually it is possible to use a resolution higher than 1080p, but the entire desktop will not fit on the screen so you need to pan around desktop to look at things that are "off screen".
  4. The prob is solved.. I just had to rename the HDMI to PC on my LCD HDTV Monitor settings... (found this help on another forum.)

    From Bronnto i beleive, read it in another forum post. Hope it helps, same issue your having.

    Have a nice day!
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  6. I'm just going to go with a single 590 and leave it at the resolution that is most clear. I tried viewing a 1080p video on 1920x1080 and it looked quite clear. I think that I may have just been sitting too close and everything on the screen is tiny.
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