Will I need a BIOS update?..

Just got my powercolor 7870 GHz edition with the vortex ii cooler, yayy :D.
I decided to also get an Asrock 990fx extreme3 and an AMD fx-6300 processor.

Will I have to update the BIOS on this motherboard for my processor to be 100% supported?
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  1. Try it. If it posts, then the answer is no. If you check under "cpu support" and only one bios file is listed, then you should be fine.
  2. I guess since BIOS "p1.20", my chip is supported. I have no idea what BIOS update the board will be on out of the box though.
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    your chip is supported since BIOS P1.40. Its release date is July 5th this year. there's a good chance that by now all 990 FX mobo's are shipping with vishera support out of the box.
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