Samsung x10 laptop Boot issue

i have loaded my samsung X10 laptop severally and it couldnt still be boot up.

I have also change the harddisk to no avail

What can i do to resolve the boot issue
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  1. What happens when you power on. You said you have loaded your laptop several times - do you mean installed windows several times or powered on/off laptop several times?
    1. Any error message on screen?
    2. Are you able to enter BIOS settings

    Please provide more info and somebody in forums would be able to help - thank you!!
  2. Disable speedstep in the bios.
    Interrupt the resume and go to BIOS
    Re-enable speedstep
    Allow resume to continue.

    Works on every one of the 4 X10s I have.

    If you power off or reboot the laptop, instead of hibernating, go through the steps above again.
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