Dell Optiplex GX620 PSU upgrade and case change?


I have the dell optiplex gx620 desktop. The machine currently only has a 275W power supply and I'd like to upgrade it.

I would like to get at least 500w power supply.

But because my version is the desktop and not the tower, the PSU will most likely not fit, so can any recommend any tower cases that will hold this motherboard? (CPU-Z tells me its Dell Inc. 0F8096, but I can't find it)

Heres the user docs

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  1. It's a micro BTX board , might still be able to find a micro BTX case, just not worth it in my opinion.
  2. Thanks delluser1

    Can you tell me if my MicroBTX board will fit into a BTX case?
  3. It should, but then the front panel connector will pose a problem, it uses a ribbon cable that goes from the Dell daughterboard front panel to the motherboard.
    Like I said , just not worth it, should have been more clear to begin with, sorry.
  4. No thats fine, thanks for the advice. Ok, I think Ill bear this machine for the meantine and invest in a decent one.
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