EVGA GTX 260 and Windows 7 Problems

Hello All,

I am having a rather frustrating video card problem this week. I finally upgraded to Windows 7 after years of skepticism, laziness, and loyalty to XP's "just works" characteristics. After getting over the shock of all the glossy new menus and such, I decided to start installing my games back onto this machine...only to find out that NONE of my games will run properly on the new OS.

The situation is as follows:

1. After entering gameplay (leaving main screens), games immediately start locking-up/black-screening/color-screening/stuttering, etc. (Card doesn't even have time to overheat, and temp hovers around 45C)

2. All games worked FINE on Windows XP.

3. All my drivers are up-to-date. And no problems while watching any HD videos, etc. Just gaming.

4. Games I have tried so far: Crysis, Fallout: NV, Dead Island, Mass Effect 2, and Minecraft (YES, even MC crashes!!!)

I'm just thinking that I'm missing some crucial compatibility issue. Here's what I (think I) know so far...

1. I know the card is DX10/Win7 compatible (although Win7 has DX11 installed), but I don't think this is an issue.

2. Power is not a problem. I have a huge PS.

3. Neither is heat (as explained before)

4. The card has passed several stress-testing utilities (can't remember which ones, sorry). I really don't think it's a hardware issue though, considering my rig was maxing out the games above just a few days ago.

5. I read somewhere that sound cards sometimes are the cause of graphical issues (and ppl misdiagnose these as video card problems since it only happens while gaming). But I disabled my sound hardware, and the problem persists.

Well, I've always had a lot of faith in this community, so here's hoping that somebody out there can think of something that I haven't yet. Cause I'm ready to jump back on the XP train again...

Without further ado:

OS: Windows 7 Pro
MB: EVGA 750i
CPU: Core 2 Duo
Video: EVGA GTX 260 (Core 216)
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  1. Oh, my Windows 7 is 32-bit, btw. And yes, I have tried a few older Nvidia drivers, but they don't really have an effect.

    I have also tried lowering the settings on all these games, but still have the same problems. I KNOW though that my comp should be just fine playing the above games maxed out though...
  2. This exact same thing has happened to me... Same scenario, same system specs, same problems... Have you figured out the problem? ? I know its not hardware.... ive played all these games just days ago on windows xp.. Thank you!
  3. did you do a clean install?
  4. esrever said:
    did you do a clean install?

    Yes. Clean install. Have tried old drivers... new driveres...Preferred drivers... It seems that many people have the same issue all around the web but there is no answer... I know its not hardware because I was able to play games on XP just days ago... Do you think it is a simple setting in the control panel that is bogging it down?

    Thank you for the help!
  5. One more thing.... The main thing that happens in every game I play..... Every 15-30 seconds, the graphics freeze for about 5 seconds, then it goes back to normal play.... this happened in DOTA 2, TF2, Diablo 3, and SC2... played all these games 2 days ago with perfection in windows XP. .... ..

    AGHH, thanks
  6. I don't think its a simple control panel setting but anything could be it.

    have you tried to check the game's cpu and gpu loads while this is happening?
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