Stuck video card?

So I was removing my 5670, and the usual removal tab wasn't working. So I pulled back harder. And harder. The 5670 finally loosened as the tab broke. I put in my shiny new 7770, and much to my surprise, it's locked in tight instead of being loose. Now I need to change cases.

Is there an easy way to activate the removal mechanism without... well... the removal mechanism?
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  1. There are multiple types of locking mechanisms out there, can't say without knowing the actual motherboard model.

    Some slot designs simply have a flexible bit of plastic that snaps to the side of the GPU locking tab, others use a DIMM-like lock/eject lever, others use a sliding boot, etc.

    Off the top, all the locking mechanisms I remember are single pieces of plastic that shouldn't be able to lock anything if broken.
  2. What motherboard are you working on? Does (did) it have push down to release type tabs or pull to the side to release? Or some other release mechanism? If the pull to the side style, you may be (very carefully) able to get a thin (plastic or wood) lever in there to wedge it open. If another style, I don't know off hand
    Hope it helps some
  3. It's an MSI H55M-E33, and its locking mechanism is the flimsy plastic tab on the end of the PCI-e slot.

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    If the tab is broken then there isn't anything 'locking' the GPU into the slot other than pressure applied by the PCIe connector to the GPU card's edge connector.

    If you mean that it is the "pull" tab part of it that is broken but the locking piece is still there, you can carefully wedge a precision flat screwdriver between the remaining part of the tab and the GPU to pry it away while you pull the GPU out. There are no components nor traces on the GPU's lock tab so no need to be worried about scratching it - but you do need to be careful not to ram the screwdriver into something else if it slips. An alternate method would be to shove something from the other side of the GPU PCB's locking notch to displace the PCIe slot's locking tab like a small screw, which is probably safer and easier since there aren't as many components getting in the way on the GPU PCB's back side.
  5. Wow, I'm SUCH an idiot.

    It was loose, not stuck. Derp.
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