New build, can't use hdmi to setup bios?

I just finished building my new computer,

The motherboard is an Asrock Extreme 4 am3+, fx-8150 cpu, and hd 7870 GHZ edition GPU.

I finished putting it completely together and have it all wired up, I don't have a displayport monitor right now so I tried plugging the computer into my tv via hdmi to set it up but nothing comes up on my tv.

My friend said if it's working fine then it should have no trouble doing that i've read different elsewhere. I myself thought that because hdmi isn't the default output method and since this is a brand new computer with nothing installed yet i might have to use the mini dvi or displayport slots until i set it up.

I'd appreciate it if anyone can help.
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  1. The extreme 4 doesn't have an onboard vga or any video output for that matter, I know everything is fully powered on and working. The fans come on when the gpu comes on, my water cooling and everything else is working also.

    I wish I had picked a mobo with onboard graphics now :P
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