New build with a few questions

So i am finishing off my build this coming blackfriday/cyber monday and here are the components i currently own.

Lian Li K58W

Cougar 850W PSU

Creative X-FI Titanium HD

Seagate 1TB 1tb&cp=1&lp=2

OCZ Agility 3 120 Gig SSD

Samsung 22x DVD

16 GB Corsair 1600

H60 CPU Cooler


Pieces i'm looking for Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Intel 2600K

ATI HD 6970

Windows 7 PRO

I plan to add an EyeFinity Setup at some point. I plan to use the computer for Gaming/streaming and Video Editing/Rendering and music/sound composition and editing.

I have pretty much decided on those components for my main 3. My future hopes are to run a 6990 at
some point with the 6970 for Tri-Fire.

I have a few questions

1. What headphones should i get to maximize my sound card trying to stay under $100 but will go as high as $150.

2. There will be one extra PCI express slot that someone on the ASUS forums posted an interesting idea i want to know if it is possible. After the Tri-Fire can i add a NVIDEA card to run just PHYSX such as a 9800. Is there room on the board? and is it possible?

3. If all things are priced equally which 6970 would be best for this setup?

4. What additional parts do i need such as cables or hardware to get the initial setup (pre Tri-Fire) to work? (the K58W case has 2 extra 160mm fan slots on the top i plan to install.)

5. Anything else i should take into account?

Thank you for your help!!!
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  1. Any help would be great thanks!
  2. I think headphones already have built in sound cards on them and getting a sound card would be a waste if you were going to buy headphones.

    What is this build for? Oh yeah 850w ain't gonna run trifire.

    I just see most of your parts are the most expensive things in the store.
  3. I think there are some that have optical ins (i will get a 7.1 surround set up eventually but at the moment i dont have the room. according to i'm looking at 792 recommended. with the Xfire. w/o OCing the CPU. If need be when i go to add the extra card i'll add a bigger supply.
  4. What are you intended usage for this build?
  5. Gaming with streaming, video editing, eyefinity, and composing (music).
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