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Hey guys , ( First post, I dont know if im in the good category )

So i got a new computer , wich is an Acer aspire i7 :

I wanted to know what is my RAM and all that , because when i went to buy it , the seller was telling me pretty much random stuff.. he said i had a dual core but when i do CTRL+shift+esc. and go to performance , i see this :

I'm pretty sure that I have 8 core , but as you can see , it looks like im only using 4 of them. Am I wrong or not ?

Thank you. :hello:
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  1. I7 is quad that can do 8 threads using hyper threading. Your ram is DDR3 which one you can find out with this program
  2. Oh i see , thanks for the quick answer ! So , is quad core doing 8 threads good .. ?
  3. to view system specs
    click start and type sysdm.cpl
    then hit enter
    Windows logo key + Pause/Break
  4. Oh thanks ! I just find out that i have 4Go of RAM , :)
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