Computer does NOT post, just cycles

As the title states. I build a new computer last week. Last night while doing some OCD cleaning, I removed the cpu cooler and the cpu to show the wife(she's never seen a CPU before). After reinstalling it all the computer does is turn on, fails to post(no noise, beeps or anything) reboots and keeps doing that cycle.

Could I have damaged the socket pins when reinstalling? I've never ever had a problem like this before. I've built multiple computers with success. As I said it was running fine until I removed cpu and reinstalled it. I've taken it back out and cleaned it to make sure no thermal paste was on the pins.

IF I happened to bend a mobo pin, is there a way of fixing that?

I was also thinking the psu may have gone bad because, I took it out of a previous build(PSU less than a year old) and used it for this one. I put it back into that build and it doesn't the same thing. It will cycle or turn on and not post, not display an image. Been racking my brain to figure this out.
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  1. Windows may need reinstalling; it won't post with a bent pin, so that's not an issue. Please list your system specs for more advice.
  2. 2600k
    GSKILL 16GB DDR3 1600
    560 Ti
    500GB 7200 HDD
    MSI P67A-G43

    I took a look at the pins with a light and magnifying glass. Two pins were bent so I attempted to bend them back. I did the best I could but the computer now turns on, all fans work but the usb keyboard or mouse lights never turn on and I don't get any video. I reset the cmos but it did the same thing.

    Think it may be the PSU? I tried it on another motherboard yesterday and it did the same thing basically. I'll just go out and get one from best buy see if that fixes it. If not I'll just return it.
  3. Also, the motherboard doesn't have a built in speaker so I am getting no beeps, which sucks. Maybe radio shack has them.
  4. It's not the psu, went and picked up another from best buy. I guess it's time to RMA this stuff and hopefully the turnaround time is less than a week.

    Should I RMA everything just to be safe?
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