Asrock X79 Extreme6/GB Issues

so far ive had a couple problems with this motherboard. first one was with the usb2 header where it would disconect my other devices when used. after update in bios to latest version it was fixed. now i have a problem with my boot time and it seems to be linked with my asmedia sata3 controller. the windows logo hangs longer than it should after i install drivers for asmedia sata3 on asrocks website. if i delete the drivers or disable the asmedia ports on the bios, the boot time goes back to normal. asrocks website seems to have old drivers aswell. is anyone else having these issues or know how to fix them?
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  1. I am having exact same issues as this the boot drive is an Intel 240GB SSD, the problem is def USB related, disconnect all devices and it boots in 8 secs but that is a PITA. Also I flashed it to v 2.10 BIOS, its still the same. Also the RAID seems to have stopped working. I havent found a consistent solution that works and frankly think they sold me a crock of s**t with this board. Had Rampage IV Extreme before for 18 months, no probs until it died one day. Oh and the GB card packed up on the AsRock board, common apparently.
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