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:( :( I have a system msi p67a-c45, processor i5 2500k, 4gbram ddr3 1333ghz, power suply inter-tech Energog 550w , which video card is better: MSI Ati Radeon 5570, 1024MB, GDDR3, 128bit - Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5570, 1024MB, GDDR3 - Nvidia gt 430 , gddr3, 128 bit?? I want play gta4, far cry2, crysis2, cod mw1,mw2 to maximum ditail, or close to maximum details..
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  1. First at what resolution are you playing and what is the budget you have? Those cards you have listed I doubt would play some of those games on max settings.
  2. I have 60 Euro, want play games to rezolution for 19 inch monitor...
  3. such 1024 x 768
  4. You cant up your budget a bit and go for a 5770? They are old card already, but they are great performers especially at their price atm.
  5. thnks
  6. MSI or SAPPHIRE??
  7. MSI or SAPPHIRE??
  8. I prefer MSI.
  9. okey
  10. such 1440 x 900 ?
  11. You can think about 6670. it is better than 5570 and 430. just a little expensive,but I think it worthes a lot.
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