Can the PSU cause blue screen?


Every week or so I get a blue screen, I know there may be hundreds of reasons for that. But lately I have had some problems with my power supply.
It makes a low static noise when the computer is shut off. I cant hear it when the system is on, so I don't know if its away, lower or if my system just overrides its noise.

It is a Hiper Type-R Modular 580W, had it since 2005, and it may be time to change it out for good measure anyway.

The question is, can a PSU under any circumstance make the system freeze up or produce a blue screen?

Any thoughts?

Thanks, JS
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  1. When the blue screen appears it will give an error code can you write it here?
    example : Error 0x00000001 you can google that specific error code and might just find out what is the problem
  2. Thanks for reply!

    I have sure enough not taken notes, but isn't there a log I can find on the system where faults are stored?
  3. Write the code next time it happens I'M not aware of any log for blue screens.
    It could be anything but if you say the PSU looks like it has a problem I would change it immediately before it dies and might kill other components. 2005 time to burry that sucker
  4. the blue screens should be logged. check the system event logs
  5. I've spent an hour in Event Viewer now to find nothing. Really don't know what to look for. But the description that fits the best are event id 41, kernel-power. It describes unexpected shutdown caused by loss of power. But it does not say if its shows a blue screen. What exactly would trigger a blue screen? Every hardware fault?

    Event 41, Kernel-Power:
    "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

    I may add that it usually happens at night. I go to sleep with all my windows up and when I sit down the following morning I am welcomed with a nice message saying something like windows has been restored after an unexpected shutdown.
  6. I get Kernel Power as well when I play games that require a lot of video memory ( Currenty I sent my video card for RMA) so when I play games i BSOD...

    Check your video card,
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