ASRock Z77 Extreme4 A2 A6 Error

Today, I got all my parts for the new rig. i5-3570k, GTX 670 FTW, HX650, ASRock Z77 Extreme4, H60. I am using a Samsung Optical Drive from last rig, Geil 8gb kit (free with Mobo), as well as my WD Black 1 TB (Purchased November 2012). Built everything today, hooked HDD up to Sata III, and pressed power. Everything went smoothly (Fans spun, LED's were glowing Blue). I got to a black screen that displayed my CPU and Speed, how much Memory installed. It said Press F1 to continue, or F2 or DEL to go to BIOS. I went to Bios to ensure the boot drive was WD Black. After making sure it was, I booted, well tried to boot, my OS (Win7 Home Premium) already installed on my HDD. It said A2 on Dr. Debug (my best friend...not), and brought up a screen that said Launch Startup Repair (Recommended) or Start Win Normally. I launched Win normally, after about 3 seconds of the starting windows, it stopped and shut-off my computer. After going into Bios again, it said A6 when in Bios. I launch again and whenever I am not in Bios it says A2 on Debug. Any help?! Thanks!
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    Hi, Try inserting the Windows DVD, boot from it and select Windows repair.
    Different chipsets, different drivers (old and new motherboard).
  2. I have a similar layout to your PC and I'm also getting that error. I can start BIOS/OS just fine, but my migrated OS on SSD would freeze up and I'd get poor eSATA speeds all of a sudden (my burst mode dropped from 220MB/s to 85MB/s and the transfer rate seems capped at 100MB/s).

    I reinstalled the OS, flashed my BIOS, reconnected my older SATA HDD (which was running fine before I got the SSD three weeks ago), but it didn't make any difference.

    I've read that some have had VGA cable problems or had to detach their GPU cards, but since I have no problem loading BIOS or the OS, I'm not sure how that's supposed to help.

    All quite weird. :/
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