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Hello, I don't know anything about audio at all. The noise a comin out mah speakers is good, but the ones comin out of my headset is bad. These are facts.

I'm looking for a new headset that is wireless. If i run over my mic cable one more time and get my computer chair stuck on it im going to just saw thru the thing. Give me some wireless mic + headset combo recommendations if you will. TRying to keep it under the $120 mark, but maybe $150 is doable.
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  1. Hi :)

    I use these...totally brilliant....not sure if you can get them in the US though...


    Bluetooth, with mic, rechargeable and good sound for games...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I have had these for about 2 months and so far I love them

  3. I have had the Logitech G930's for quite some time now, and they are amazing. They are wireless, but have the option to use them as wired. They hold a charge for about 12 hours of non-stop use, and come with awesome software/ drivers. THey are SO comfortable and sound AMAZING for both games and music. Have 7.1 surround when needed, as easy as flicking a switch. Have buttons on the ear cups that can be set to different things. I have mine set to next song, previous song, and pause.play for itunes. There is a volume scroll wheel on the left ear as well. WHen you push the mic up, it mutes, but there is also a button for doing so. The voice quality is awesome, so my friends tell me, when I talk to them. The build quality is nice, and they last for a while. I have no complaints with them. They cancel out sound very well also, but there is an option in the software so that they dont cancel out as much noise, if youre trying to talk to someone in the room. The ear cups turn side ways for comfort when theyre just around your neck. They are very adjustable, and have markers so you can know where you set them to. I highly recommend them.
  4. They also look very nice.
  5. I used to have some wired g35's that friend let me borrow. I found these things to be a bit heavy and uncomfortable after about an hour. The g930's look to be a similar design. I will look at some reviews. Thanks bang!

    also i ran over his cord so many times with my comp chair that I ended up replacing them via rma for him lol. darn wires.
  6. Yeah the G930's are a lot lighter than the g35's. Very solid recommendation!
  7. interesting
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