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Freaking out: i5-2500k temp

Just finished with my first build every, and everything went great thanks to the support and advice here.

Now that I'm in windows and everything is running, I'm trying to get my temps and make sure that everything is running stable before I start OC. I just so happened to run speedfan first and that scared me a bit, it shows my CPU reading at ~85C.. so I'm trying to figure out whats wrong and I was just about to shut it down and reseat my hyper 212 evo.. but then I started to run the other temp tests and they are looking normal (I think).

Here is a screenshot of the tests side by side.. what do you think?

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  1. What does BIOS say? I personally belief that speedfan is wrong.
  2. bios says 30C
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    Sounds like you answered your own question. Don't use speedfan, use HW Monitor.

    Temps will always be higher in bios than on desktop.
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