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Not sure if any one else notices, but a person CAN thumb up/down their own post in the comment section for the news,etc. This is pretty stupid, as one should not have the ability to do so.
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  1. Why not? Presidential Candidates can vote for themselves in an election, why shouldn't we be able to reward the awesomnisity of our own posts?

    ( :lol: )
  2. No you can't vote for yourself. Well, at least not in the past. The buttons are there but they won't work.
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    (to Shadow) I just posted and couldn't get it to work, so maybe it was only a one time glitch? What browser are you using?
  4. ^ Yup. You are correct. It's a browser issue. I'm running Firefox a2 so no wonder :lol: This won't happen on Firefox 3.6.x and IE8.
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  6. You can cheat with that browser? :o
  7. Can you keep thumbing up/down, or is it only once?
  8. ^ only once
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