Intel Core i7 2600k idle temperature

Hello, last week i bought a Core i7 2600k, and so far I'm running it at stock speed (@3.40ghz)
As I know that the stock cooler is inneficient, I also bought a Cooler Master TX3

The problem is, i'm getting idle temperatures about 40 ~ 42ºC, and I'm wondering if this temps are normal for this aftermarket cooler.
The Load temperature at Skyrim was 52 ~ 55ºC and in FIFA 12: 48 ~ 52ºC

The ambient temperature, since is summer here, is about 28 ~ 30ºC, and I was hoping that the CPU's temps will go down at the winter, that goes around 12ºC ~ 20ºC ambient.


EDIT: Just tested the CPU on BF3 and got 58ºC ~ 64ºC
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  1. Sounds perfectly normal to me.
  2. Seems a bit warm to me high 20s to low 30s should be idle temps normally.
  3. There is no such thing as normal...temps depend on ambient room temps, case airflow, and heatsink fan. You could have an identical setup in 2 different locations and have completely different temps.

    My i3 runs 38c/40c at idle and even under load it only uses about 30w where it hits 60c under Prime95.
  4. I live in a country with high summer ambient temps(28-35) and with a cooler get (28-33) fluctuations, I understand your concerns at 40+ with a cooler. It is safe though and the load is not that bad.

    You can always be pedantic and regrease and remount the cooler. Also is your case well ventilated and with good airflow?
  5. I Have a NZXT Tempest Evo.
    2 Frontal Intake fans
    1 Lateral Intake fan
    2 Superior Exhaust fans
    1 Rear Exhaust fan

    However, I didn't managed to hide the cables at the back of the case, because the cables are to short and wouldn't reach its respectives places.

    Do you guys think that if I manage to hide the cables the temperatures will decrease to 30s?
  6. What PSU and Motherboard are you running that you can't reach?
  7. Sounds like you have way too much intake which is disrupting your airflow causing turbulence. However your temps are perfectly normal.
  8. This isn't formula one with breaking turbulant air and engine and downforce underperformance. That case already comes with those fans set up for best airflow
  9. It is actually. You really don't even need intake because your exhaust fans will passively pull in all the air they need.

    The best config would be one large intake in the front bottom of the case and an exhaust out the top of the case and the rear top of the case.

    If your forcing in too much, the air cant get out fast enough and becomes turbulent which causes the temp to rise.
  10. Well it has two front intakes, two top and rear exhausts, thats more than sufficient.
  11. Hello, just a Quick Update:

    At the time that I've created this topic, the ambient temperature was at 30ºC. Now that there's a Cold Front here in the city, and the ambient temperature falled to 20s, the CPU IA Cores Temperature is about 35ºC to 37ºC. So I think it's fine.

    I have a ASUS P8Z68-V and a OCZ PowerXStream 600W (Modular), some of its cables don't reach the respective places on the mobo if they're hidded behind the motherboard tray, that's why I have a bad airflow.

    For the time, Thanks to you all!
  12. Idle Temps:
    Load Temps (Hyper 212 Evo with Push pull fans in a HAF 912 with 2 intakes and 1 outtake)
    4.5ghz OC (gaming on Killing Floor for a little)
  13. I think you are running high. I am OC's to 4.2 with my i7 2600k, and at 37C and max out a 58c under prime 95. I'm using intel's trs2011lc liquid cooling. I'd like to get my idol down to around 30-32c.
  14. Man i hope we have snow here too... damn

    I got the same temp as you got

    i7-2600k @4.4++ghz

    38-42 Idle Temps

    55-65 Load Temps

    24/7 usage D: or at least 16hours a day

    This is normal right? i hope it is normal since my room and my country is pretty darn HOT - Philippines. 30c+ everyday D: >_<
  15. This sounds high to me... I idle around 20C and with intel burn test I reach 58C... I don't even reach 45C with prime 95 running. 1.31 volt Vcore, Hyper Threading disabled as it's pretty much useless. and I'm overclocked to 4.6Ghz. I'm using a Venomous X cooler with a single Scythe 120mm fan.
  16. I have the same conditions the first poster has - i7 2600k at stock speeds (3.4) - standard voltages and not overclocked.

    I was surprised, too, wanting to get my CPU down into the low to mid 30's - but that (apparently) was a bit of old-school thinking, used when I was running C2Q9550's and C2QX9650's.

    The manometer difference for these newer chips DOES make a difference, meaning that they can run safely at temps that used to look dangerous.

    I called Intel and they said that an idle temp of around 40-42c is fine and well within the acceptable safety envelope for this chip.

    The Intel page for this proc ( shows a TCase temp of 72.6C, although I would never want to allow my proc to get that hot.

    Also, as I have learned from scouring these boards and talking to some serious over-clocking friends, temps can vary from batch to batch for CPUs - so not all results will be the same, even with the same hardware.

    My specs:

    ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3
    Intel i7 2600K
    Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
    4 x 8 GB (32 GB Total) Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600
    Thermaltake 850w Modular PSU
    CoolerMaster HAF 932
    I-Inc iH-282HPB 28" 16:10 LCD Monitor
    2x EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD (in SLI)
    2x Crucial M4 (64GB, SATA3/600, 2.5") in RAID-0
    Western Digital(2TB, SATA3/600, 3.5") Caviar Black
    Belkin n52te game pad
    Razor Naga (17-button) gaming mouse
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