Boot device led on and restarts at mup.sys

Just upgraded up to an AMD fx8150, some gskill ram and an asus 990fxr2.0 mobo from my old setup. Hooked everything up as well as I could (considering the stuff that's no longer supported). Booted up to the bios screen just fine, but the boot device LED stays lit and the system auto restarts when it his mup.sys when booting in safe mode. Never had any issues on my old setup, but can seem to find a consistent answer on what's causing my issue. The only big hinderence right now on possibly fixing this is that I don't have a cd/DVD drive (no more ribbon cable support, got a new drive on the way). Any help would be appreciated!

Also: no external drives hooked up, and while I've got four HDDs, I have the boot order set correctly in the bios.

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  1. Update/more info: switched the hdds from achi to IDE, now it just says disk read error and doesn't get to the boot in safe mode option
  2. Finally got the computer to boot after running fixmbr and fixboot along with chkdsk /r, but it still every so often will give me a disk read error and the red boot device LED remains lit. Any ideas?
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