Old gaming rig repurposed as simple htpc?

Hi guys. First time poster here with a quick question regarding a simple pc>htpc conversion.

The scenario: I'm thinking of replacing the old tube TV my daughter has in her room with a simple htpc build. She currently has an old hand-me-down system that was my gaming rig several years back. Most likely I'll simply be adding a pci tv tuner card and just running our comcast cable feed through that.

The important specs on it are as follows:

Athlon 64 x2 3800 - 2.0 ghz dual core CPU
MSI K9MM-V Motherboard
2gb ddr2 667
Radeon x800 pro, 256mb

As it stands, in addition to the tv tuner card, I know it will need a different video card. My primary question is, are the other components sufficient to operate an HTPC at 1080p?

All advice and suggestions are welcome!

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    You may have a problem. Your motherboard is an AGP motherboard. There are very few new video cards available for it.

    OTOH, an ATI 3450 should work nicely. Compared to gaming, it really does not take much GPU power to put pictures on a screen.
  2. That was also a concern I was having after initially making this post. Although since posting I've done some research as far as Comcast cable in my area and it looks like I'd need a specific card from them to even try going down this route, due to signal encryption. In the end it'll wind up being about the same price upgrading this system to work with comcast, as it would be to ditch them altogether and build a new XBMC or similar system.

    Thanks much for your response.
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