All my games are crashing to desktop

Recently all of my games are crashing to desktop with on the "this program as stop working" message. I have a evga Gtx 550ti phenom II x4 940 4 gigs of ram and a corsair 430watt. i dont know what to do ive tried different video drivers as well as cleaning the registry with ccleaner. I can only play for about 15 minutes before the crash and cpu never gets above 43c and cpu never gets above 60c. Any ideas on whats going on?
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  1. Hello gordonboy15;

    And the PC doesn't crash when you're not playing games?
    How is it with a video or movie?
  2. no and the pc itself doesn't crash only games stop responding
  3. And of course you have the PCI-e 6pin power lead connected to the video card?

    First guess was that it's either the PSU having an issue or video card acting up.
    However, if it was the PSU - it should happen almost right away while gaming. Same for the video card. Why does it happen after 15min and not right away?

    What games are you running?
  4. yea the power cable is connected and it always happens like 15 mins into a game like bf3, crysis 2 and it was even happening in tf2 and hlf 2
  5. Just for testing, run BF3 on low graphics settings and see what happens.
  6. yea i tried that it worked for a little longer but still just froze and minimized to desktop
  7. also another weird note, MW3 and Borderlands would play really sluggishly and id restart my computer and then like magic there running at the max fps limit again
  8. It sounds more of a graphics card issue than a psu issue. If some of the capacitors are bad on the card, it won't necessarily act up until you are into the game and some of the more advanced features are used.
  9. Im starting to think your graphics card is the problem.
    Presumably "Recently all of my games are crashing to desktop" means that prior to that all your games would be running nicely?
  10. Update your SOUND drivers as well.
    Test your RAM with Memtest+.
    If you restart a game, does it run for about the same length of time, or does it crash much more quickly? If the latter, heat may be involved, just not of the CPU or GPU. Your Northbridge may be heating up, or the PSU. Are your case fans balanced, with close to as many intakes as exhaust? If you have too many exhaust, your PSU may be struggling to cool itself. Does the PSU fan get loud before a crash, or is it hot to the touch?
  11. no the psu is really quiet but if i do a fresh system restart all the games run fine for a bit longer and yes all my games just recently started to act up when about hte time battle field came out
  12. If those don't work remove the vcard re seat it sometimes that helps I'd use a 500 watt psu as well
  13. Any chance of testing with another video card, from a friend perhaps?
  14. i can use my on board maby
  15. i just played bf3 for about 20 mins then it crashed but gpu usage was at 99% only dipping a percent or 2 but temps nver got above 58c
  16. Besides loading BF3 - what else was been changed right about the time the games started crashing?
  17. nothing i can think of it really just started happening when i first installed a beta driver for battlefield because battlefield was the only game it was happening to
  18. And loading the beta driver was when all the other games started crashing? including BF3 still crashing?
  19. i think but im back to the newest regular drivers
  20. 430W psu seems a little light, could be struggling as its getting warm, hence why it doesn't start causing a problem immediately.
  21. ^That's why I asked if it was hot, or if the crashes happen more quickly if a game is restarted. He has a Corsair, which should be enough for a GTX550Ti.
  22. I see, but would my whole pc crash from not enough power?
  23. Always do the simplest thing first -> memory
    run memtest or prime95 can be used also (Pass / Not ) ???
  24. gordonboy15 said:
    I see, but would my whole pc crash from not enough power?

    Yes it can, how many amps can your PSU deliver on your 12V rail?
  25. so thats 28amps. what does a 550ti require? looks like 24amps so you should be fine.
  26. yea but i think the biggest thing is that once i restart my computer the first game i play is fine, then i go to another game later on and then it starts crashing.
  27. have you memtested?
  28. no
  29. ok so i was just playing Fallout nv and it was playing fine for 10 mins then a was getting like 25 fps when i was JUST getting 60+. I backed out to check my gpu ratings and the card was running 36c and a 99% gpu usage? this also happened while i was playing borderlands.
  30. you'll need to remove the full stop. from the end of the link, else it won't work.

    By the way whats in the link?
  31. I've been having the same issues as gordonboy15. I just purchased a Ge force gtx 570 oc replacing my 550ti and my games (BF3,Saints Row 3, KOA, Batman AC) crash to my desktop. I got a BSOD today while playin SR3 for 40mins.

    my computer specs are
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz w/Corsair Hydro Series H60 liquid cooling
    Asus P8Z68-V LX motherboard
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
    PC Power and Cooling S75QB 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS
    500GB Hard drive
  32. Hmmm, have you tried starting your own thread?
  33. No but i will do that.

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