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Hello! I just finished installing all the drivers for my desktop using the included cd's for my mobo video card and mice. Almost done except that my HDD isn't detected (just the SSD which i used to install my os) when i access "My Computer" so I turned off my desktop to change the HDD data cable and removed the optical drive which is not mine. After I changed the HDD data cable and booted up it got stuck on an on/off cycle, I wiggled some cables and it seemed to boot. All the fans are working i have lights on the mobo, soundcard and video card but my monitor is now giving me this "HDMI No Signal" thing.

Heres what I tried so far:

Reseated the Video Card
Reseated RAM sticks
Reseated the HDMI cable on the tower and monitor
Toggled the monitor setting from HDMI to VGA to HDMI
Booted up the tower, waited for a few seconds then turned on the monitor (vice-versa)
Restarted the computer

My video card doesn't have a VGA port and i don't have a vga-hdmi adapter, i have the specs of my computer in my profile, do you guys have any ideas why my monitor is giving me that HDMI No Signal thing? Any suggestions?
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  1. Well nothing seems to work, time for bed, later id try to reinstall the Odrive to see if that might make a difference, we'll see
  2. I think i solved it, just dunno which of my troubleshooting did it, anyways if anyone out there is having the same problem as i had, here's the things that i did:

    Ive installed the new odrive
    Reset the cmos
    Swapped the ram on slot 1&3 with the slot from 2&4, i didnt put the ram from 1&3
    Booted the computer and POOOF it worked, the on/off for 2-3 sec before boot was gone and now my monitor is working as it should! Oh and im now able to hear a beep when it boots.
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