Mother board dvi port not work

my A760G m2+ M.B DVI Port not working ,So Any Bios seting are require guide me
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  1. Is there a graphics card installed?
  2. Either your monitor's DVI port is dead or like you said , your mobo's is dead.
    Or the cable is dead, try around maybe
  3. How can you say that the DVI port on motherboard is not working? Have you checked it!!
    If there is display problem, you can try these options also:-

    a) Replace your CPU to monitor cable with another working cable.
    b) Check your RAM.
    c) Check your graphics card.
    d) BGA chip can also be a problem(for display issues).

    DVI port on monitor's side can also be a problem.
    Check your whole CPU with another monitor with same cable.

    Amit A.
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