Radeon HD 5770 low FPS WOW Help Please

Good Morning All,

I recently purchased an HIS Radeon HD 5770 and I installed it in my computer along with at 450W PSU from Dynex.

I am still getting low FPS in WOW while raiding, im talking I have to put it in low settings and I only get about 8-10FPS.

Here is my system specs.

HP P6142
AMD Phenom 9560 Quad Core
8G Ram
64Bit 2.3CHZ

is it just my computer or did I do something wrong? I uninstalled my old Graphics Card drivers and Re installed the new ATI ones.

I hope I just didnt spend $130 for nothing!

Thanks for the help
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  1. How many amps are on the +12/v rail(s) for your 450watt PSU?

    Your low FPS could be due to 2 things.Either the 5770 isn't getting enough power from the PSU or the CPU is causing a bottleneck.

    Also make sure you have the latest drivers installed for the 5770
  2. Thanks, how do you fix a bottleneck? Do you think getting a PSU with more watts would help?
  3. Can you answer my question in the above post plz.

    You can try O.C.ing or upgrade to a new processor.
  4. Definatly a bottleneck with that CPU, its slow and will be bad in raids with over 12 people. I still had lag spikes with my q6600 at 3.2ghz and when i switched to an i7 2600k i got around 152 fps in raids.
  5. Here's a comparison chart for WoW.


    I suspect it might be the PSU but I've been hearing that WoW is more CPU demanding than GPU.
  6. Thanks all, I am not at home so i could not answer your question Purple Stank, sorry. So if the CPU is bad what can I do to fix that? Buy a new PC? buy a new motherboard? You said you switche dto an i7 2600k , how do I switch.

    Sorry computer illiterate here lol
  7. If you have a bad PSU all you would have to do is replace it.Shouldn't be more than $50 to replace.

    If it's the CPU you can O.C. your current,But I've been told you won't get far with those chips.But who knows.

    And the most costly/difficult step would be to replace the CPU.But in doing so you will need to replace the Mobo and RAM.
  8. Dust could be a cause but even with a 5770 you should still see an improvement over the last GPU.
  9. It did have some dust thats for sure. i will buy a duster and dust everything off. I just installed the Graphics Card yesterday so there is no dust there. How do I go about dust removal of the heatsink. Will removing all the dust really improve perfomance?

    Thanks a lot

  10. Don't remove the heatsink if you don't have any thermal paste.

    Just get one of those compressed air cans like 384 bit suggested.With the high pressure that comes out of it you should be able to clean it easily.Just remember not to hold it upside down,it will shoot liquid at the CPU.And remember to turn off the PC and ground yourself before you attempt this.
  11. Thanks. Will do when I get home! It was pretty dusty when I installed my Graphics Card yesterday. I could literally see dust on the fan and in the CPU area. Cleaning this should make my computer run smoother and improve FPS slightly right?
  12. If it is overheating then yes it will.
  13. That CPU cannot be a bottleneck for WoW, i had a Core 2 Duo E 6750 and could run WoW with 50 + FPS on Ultra with a 8800 GT. Now Some tips:
    1. Try to enable /disable DirectX 11 in WoW menu (/Options /Advanced/GraphicsAPI)
    2. Enable VSync and Tripple Buffering (/Options/Graphic)
    3. Use Multisampling : 4x or lower
    4. Use Texture filtering 4 x Anisotropic or lower
    5. Reduce Input Lag : Disabled (/Options/Advanced)
    6. The rest should be on High/Ultra
    7. How did you install your card? : fresh Windows install? did you uninstall the old graphic software? do you use the latest graphic drivers from AMD?
    Try theese and let me know if you have an improvement
  14. thanks again! i will do that when I get home. This is how installed my Graphics Card.

    I uninstalled my old graphics card drivers, system rebooted, I then shut down the computer took the old graphics card out, out the new one in. I then attached the PCI 6pin power cable to the card. I started up my computer windows detected the chage and updated the drivers 23mb d/l. I then went and downloaded the new drivers from AMD 92mb d/l and set that up. Screen flickered then the resolution was good.

    When i go to start, control panel, hardware and drivers, graphpics device or w/e its called it shows my new card and when I click on it, it says that it is working properly. So I am pretty sure I installed it right.

    Another thing is that I was mistaken the PSU I bought is 400w, I read it wrong damnit! Should I go buy a 500w PSU if it says 450 recommended? That could be the problem, maybe the graphics card is not getting enough power?
  15. Well it's not exactly how many watts it's if it's a quality PSU or not.
    With a good quality PSU you could run that system on a 350watt PSU.
  16. Alright well I will try to clean it and do what crisan said.

    I am running WOW on 1900x1200 I believe. Could not running it on High or Ultra be what is causing the problem.

    What I mean is, is the graphic card not working to its full potential be causing the low FPS? Maybe turning up the settings to high will increase the performance of the graphics card?

    I dont know if that is a lot of dumb stuff I am talking but could that be it?

  17. Well it could be either things.If the CPU is bottlenecking/overheating then it will result in the GPU performing poorly if the GPU is underpowered then that will results in poor performance.

    Were really just guessing until you try out some of these suggestions to give us more insight on what could be the cause.
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