Which is the fastest AMD cpu I can install in a Ga-m78sm-s2h


Would anyone know which is the fastest AMD cpu I can install in a Ga-m78sm-s2h ? I think I won't be able to use any of the FX chips right?

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  1. That being an AM2+ board, you should check if there's a BIOS update available for AM3 phenom II cpus if there is one, then you can go with the Phenom II listed here:
    AM3 cpus are backward compatible with AM2+ boards
  2. it is hard to recommend... you may want to buy a new tech CPU+MOBO combo for your own sake...

    thats am2+ cpu, you can still use phenom ii 955 or newer but we will not recommend it
    this is a list you are looking for
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    this is cpu list that your motherboard support

    the fastest is Phenom ii x4 955

    yes u won't able to use fx chip, when i bought am3 motherboard a few month later AMD release am3+ and fx processor support it. at that time i just want to kill myself hahaha.....
  4. ^ LOL :D
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  6. thanks everyone. I was hoping I could use the multi core FX chips and make a vmware box but I will use my setup for a htpc instead.
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